Principles Of Management Version 2.0 Test Bank



A Complete Test Bank for Principles Of Management Version 2.0
By Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan And Jeremy Short Mason Carpenter
ISBN-10: 1453354476 ISBN-13: 9781453354476
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What does Solution Manual mean?

A solution manual is a collection of solved questions behind each chapter of the mentioned textbook. It may contain projects and other assignments depending on the textbook. In other words, a textbook guide.

What is meant by a Test Bank?

A test bank is a collection of exam questions with answers. These are NOT from the textbook mentioned, but based on the same. Test banks are highly effective tools for exam or test preparation.

How can I know this is what I need?

The best way to find out will be to download the full chapter sample. If the sample chapter contains certain types of questions, then the full product will be similar. The number of questions will be approximately equal as well. You can always contact our 24/7 Live Chat, if you still have questions regarding the product even after viewing the sample.

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